Report (2014-2015)

Date Event Description
9 June, 2014 to 28 June, 2014 Online Admission 2014-15 Students of IT Society (Techinfomatics) helped the new students of various colleges in Chandigarh to fill their on-line application forms for the session 2014-15.
30 June, 2014 Environment setting for online collection of fees Computer Systems was arranged in different classrooms by the Students of IT Society (Techinfomatics) to collect the fees online .
01 July, 2014 Helpdesk for admission Helpdesk team was setup for the smooth functioning of the Admission Process.
13 Nov, 2014 Inauguration Inauguration of IT Society for the session 2014-15. Program was conducted for the new students of BBA-I and E-Commerce by the old students of IT Society.
11 Dec, 2014 Seminar by IT Professionals Seminar was conducted by the professionals of Jetking Chandigarh on 11.12.2014 at 12:00pm. The key speakers were System Analysts, Software Analysts of Jetking Chandigarh. The major thrust of the seminar was career opportunities in Jetking.